Some of my favs πŸ˜Š

It’s been almost 9 months now since I cut wheat and dairy from my diet – enough time to grow a baby! I haven’t done that though πŸ˜‚. At first I thought that cutting two pretty major foods would be really difficult but that hasn’t been my experience. I thought I’d share some of my favourite quick food ideas and alternatives that I’ve discovered for anyone who is thinking about it and isn’t sure where to start.

Breakfast is often an egg on gluten free toast (GF) with sunflower spread but if I fancy a change then I go for home made muesli with dairy free yoghurt. If I’m really in a hurry then Rice Krispies with rice milk is also yummy. There’s always fruit or fruit salad as options too and avocado on GF toast is yummy too (Pret a Manger do a lovely one with chilli flakes on top). If you’re really hungry you can even have a full cooked breakfast as long as you check the sausages are wheat free and avoid the potato scones or hash browns etc.

Most days I take lunch with me to work so it has to be something I can pack. Soup or salads are easy options. If I’m making homemade soup with stock cubes I check that they don’t contain wheat (Knorr ones don’t). Tinned soups can be tricky but ASDA do a really nice chunky steak and ale soup which is wheat and dairy free. If I’m having a salad the best discovery has been that original mayo (not low fat varieties) and salad cream (despite the name) are both dairy free. You can also get a coleslaw that doesn’t contain dairy (like Scotty’s for example). Gluten free wraps are good too and I really like the sweet potato ones from BFree. Fruit is always an option or raw veggies with houmous (check for dairy) or salsa. My favourite is broccoli with houmous. Crisps are sometimes fine, especially salted or salt and vinegar ones. Kettle chips are the nicest I think. Then there’s left-overs from whatever was dinner the night before.

Dinner is easier in many ways as your staples like meat, veg, rice and potatoes are all fine and gluten free pasta is good too. Pre-prepared sauces are the hardest thing I think, but there are options. Some curry sauces are free from wheat and dairy and if you like a more creamy sauce you can just add some coconut cream. Yum! A quick pasta sauce can be made with pasatta and herbs and garlic. I’ve even discovered a way to make a cheesy flavoured sauce that I’m basically happy with. I use a soft cheese alternative called Sheese (which is made on the island where I grew up) and melt it down with a splash of soy cream and voila it’s done. For the junk food cravings there are GF burgers and sausages available and you don’t have to go for the shop’s free from range which is often more expensive. Lots of places do a 100% beef burger in their freezer section which are quite reasonable. Gluten and dairy free pizzas are harder to come by but they do exist. My favourite is Morrison’s own (and I usually add some extra toppings – like mushrooms of course!) Oven chips are often coated so you have to watch out for those but my favourite ones from Aunt Bessies are GF so I’m happy.

I’ve mentioned a couple of sweet treats in previous posts – not that I have a particularly sweet tooth but I think that I thought that this would be the hardest thing to replace so I focused on it first. It turns out that you can make alternatives for lots of things. If you don’t have time to make something there are some quick options too. Alpro yoghurts are pretty good and there are lots of free from cookies available. One of the best discoveries I made was this dairy free ice cream which is really yummy with edible (GF of course) cookie dough. Genius Double Chocolate muffins are also fab! Wish I was getting paid fo all this advertising I’m doing πŸ˜‚.

For snacks I eat nuts, fruit, raw veggies with dips, crisps, bombay mix (way too much of that!), rice cakes with peanut butter on them – so many options really.

Drinks are mostly fine. Β I usually just take coffee black and maybe a splash of soy or oat milk in tea. Fruit teas aren’t a problem unless you’re one of those strange types that puts milk in them! Yuk! 😜 Wine is okay and so is gin so I’m sorted πŸ˜‰, just need to watch out for the odd cocktail that contains dairy. If you’re a beer drinker you’d need to try the GF ones but I don’t often drink beer so I’m not sure what they’re like.

Yes, I do cheat occasionally, I mean it’s not like I’m allergic, but on the whole I’m sticking to my new diet because I feel better for it. My gut is happier and I feel less sluggish in general. If you’ve been thinking about trying this then why don’t you have a go? I’ll be surprised if you don’t feel better for it.

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