They’re not joking when they say it’s a battle…

Have you heard people talking about someone battling with cancer? Or depression? I’ve been blessed in that I’ve never had a serious physical illness. I have watched friends and family with cancer though. I have seen that battle, the struggle, the exhaustion, the fear, the hope and the hopelessness.

Today has been a rough day. I’m really struggling with depression. It is a battle and it’s exhausting. I don’t want to quit but I don’t want to keep fighting either. It’s hard work.

I have all these thoughts going around in my head. I know certain strategies to use to try to help myself physically, like exercising. (Did that.) I understand about mindsets and about setting my mind on positive things and even spiritual things. I’ve grown up knowing how to pray when I struggle and how to reach out for prayer support too. But even with all of that it’s a battle.

Lots of people want to give you advice on how not to be depressed but I don’t think they necessarily understand just how difficult it is to keep fighting.

I don’t know how it is for you – we all have our own battles – but if you’re fighting a battle today then know that I’m thinking of you. Keep going. You can do this. You are strong.


10 thoughts on “They’re not joking when they say it’s a battle…

  1. That’s right. Two songs come to mind. 1st one Tupac. Keep your head up. And just a couple days ago I heard Demi Lovato sing live at the Grammy awards. Check out her song. Anyone.

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  2. I had a hard time last spring when I lost my little apricot, and I was really intensely missing Goldfinch. From one day to the next I needed something different. Sometimes a walk in the sunshine was great, other days I would end up with tears streaming down my face. Sometimes I wanted to talk to my sister or a close friend, others days I wanted to be on my own and write awful poetry. Somedays I wanted to sleep all day, others days to eat all day. Sometimes I wanted to go to all the charity shops and find a new dress. Other days going to charity shops would have been a nightmare! I may or may not be in the mood for music, movies, reading, housework. But I try to do a little of what will help me feel better later. Even if it is just a quick dust round and hoover.

    I think that when I have been through low spells, my emotions are like the weather. Some days it’s all four seasons in one day. I have to just accept it and try my best to adjust my expectations of myself. I am ok with the fact that rainy days come. They come and I let myself do what I need to do on that day to survive it. But throughout all my years (which of course is only 21 😉 ) rainy days have ended and suddenly the sunshine and flowers return. Those days are exquisite and I love to make sure I keep a record of the wonderful.

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