Extra Time

How many times have you thought ‘I wish I had more hours in my day?’ Right now it’s 2.30am in the UK and I should be sleeping… I was feeling a bit under the weather last night and fell asleep really early which could be the reason that I now find myself wondering how to use my ‘extra time’. Probably I should be trying to relax my mind and get back to sleep but instead I’ve read some blog posts (I’ve got a bit behind on reading the last few days) and now I’m typing this while pondering options.

I could do some housework – quiet jobs obviously as the rest of the household are asleep – there is plenty of ironing to do, or I could wipe down the door handles with anti-bac spray since there seems to be a bit of a tummy bug in the house? Also who knows if any of us has been in contact with the Corona virus?

I could go out for a walk and get a head start on my 10000 steps for the day? I’m doing a challenge for a homelessness charity to walk 315000 steps during March. So far I’m on track which I’m happy about because I haven’t been walking as much recently as I’d like and this challenge is making me get out and about again.

I could spend some time reading for my book reflection that I need to hand in for the study course I’m doing with church? I have been saying that I need to make time for that. Or I could spend some time with Papa God as I’m feeling the need to do a lot more of that recently?

There’s always work to be done for my business too. It’s nearly the end of the financial year and I need to get my accounts up to date and work out if I’ve claimed all my expenses and the invoices I’ve sent out have all been paid. Last year I think I ended up paying too much tax because I still had some income from teaching and I wasn’t properly on top of the expenses thing.

Maybe I could do something creative? I have several half finished craft projects that I keep promising myself I’ll get round to finishing – beading, cross-stitching, sewing up a bag that I knitted etc.

Probably now that I’ve brain dumped all of these options here I will just end up going back to bed. Thanks for bearing with me while I worked that out though. 🤪

If you had an extra hour that you weren’t expecting how would you use it?

What tips do you have for getting back to sleep in the middle of the night?

Night night. 😴

17 thoughts on “Extra Time

  1. I was going to suggest what you concluded. 🙂

    One time, when I could not sleep, my husband had me write everything I did not want to forget and set it to the side. Another time, we did the exercise as a mental pretend one, and I imagined all my cares going into a box that I shut the lid on.

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  2. As someone who continuously suffers with sleep issues, I’ve learned to appreciate the quiet hours at “oh-dark-thirty” (as I call it) as ME time. It is to do any or all of the things you mentioned. Some days it’s getting all caught up on paperwork and emails. Some days it’s doing dishes (I live alone and often don’t create enough dirty dishes to warrant the use of hot water and dish soap). Some times, I even do the dreaded chore of dusting. And sometimes, I play games on the computer or just sit and read. And yes, sometimes I just lay quietly in bed and reflect with my heart and mind wide open to God. I never think of this time other than as my ME time!

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  3. If I had an extra hour I would probably read. That’s just my favorite. I just started a whole new sleep thing, and my sleep in general has been better. But if I’m up in the middle of the night and I can’t sleep, my best remedy is often to go to the living room and lay on the couch. For some reason, when I focus on not getting back to sleep 8 get back to sleep

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  4. I warm some cashew milk in a pan and put a vanilla pod or some honey in it. I will do a little ironing if I have any. Sometimes I will make a sandwich for lunch the next day, so I don;t have to do it in the morning.
    I might do a little reading or just close my eyes and imagine that the whole earth is a paradise and let my mind conjure up what life would be like without war, crime or fear of any kind. I have great adventures which often turn into sleepy dreams.

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