Field of dreams

I needed a bit of headspace this afternoon so I’m sitting in a field mulling over a million thoughts. The grass is taller than my head where I’m sitting which might not be such a good plan since I’m allergic to it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m grateful for the worship music in my ears. It reminds me where to put my hope. I’m grateful for the warmth of the sun. I’m grateful for the distraction of bees, butterflies, grasshoppers and other insects that I’m watching while they busily hop or fly from one flower or blade of grass to another.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve sat in fields contemplating. Sometimes dreaming. Sometimes crying. Sometimes trying to make sense of life. Maybe there’s something that literally grounds you when you sit directly on the soil? More likely it’s the awesomeness of contemplating creation and God and things way bigger than me that makes me dream and hope for better things.

I feel small and insignificant sitting here. That’s okay though – it’s no pressure to be invisible. What is harder is knowing that there should be more and I’m not sure if I can ever be more or be enough. Part of me wants to turn this around and preach to myself right now. I know the ‘correct’ answer to that statement I just made but I need to sit with this emotion for a while. I need to empty out the pain once in a while. There’s no point in hiding the real me. That’s the whole point of this blog.

This is a bit of a verbal vomit type post so I know it probably won’t make a lot of sense to anyone but if you’re still reading I appreciate your time and that you cared enough to read this far.

Does anyone else sit in the middle of fields to process or is that just me? Where do you go for headspace?

30 thoughts on “Field of dreams

  1. I wish I could go in the middle of a field….normally I frequent the botanic gardens but they’ve been closed. Now that our roof deck is reopened I go up there and chill out. I’ve been lacking headspace though…which is tough…

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  2. Communing with nature in any way is what I believe works best to feel surrounded by the realization that the world is so much bigger than we are. I had a favorite place in the mountains, on a rock near a small stream, that was my quiet place. I don’t have access to that place anymore, but it is the place I now call my ‘happy place’ and visualize being there in my head. That visualization creates a calming place like no place else I’ve found. So sit, contemplate, let the thoughts roam free – whatever they may be – and recharge. Wishing you the best!

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  3. Very lucky to have the Chilterns within 10 minutes walk so there are plenty of places to go and contemplate things. I would sit in fields, but they are usually full of small furry rabbits which I am hardwired to chase.

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  4. I have a tree I call my ‘old friend’. I pause and press my hand on it every time I pass. I think about all the people it has seen, the events it has witnessed and it somehow soothes to know I am just one of many.
    The other day I spend ages truly examining it – it’s bareness on one side, how it had been battered by life, by adversity and yet how it flourished on the other side and how tall it had become. The scars evident on that bare side yet how new growth, green shoots could be seen between them all.
    I saw a younger tree, glorious But nestled in the shelter If ‘my friend’. I saw the gap where another tree had been cut down yet how that tree had shaped my ‘friend’ and those around. The beauty and difference of all those around.
    So much to be gained by sitting and noticing. That day I felt very emotional yet at the same time very connected. Xxx

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  5. Difficult to feel ‘enough’ when life is in limbo and normal routines don’t exist. Sometimes ‘one day at a time’ is what we need and sometimes it’s a plodding frustration. Meadows and sky are a wonderful sort of headspace (I mostly use the garden or books right now) and I hope your allergies weren’t too troubled x

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  6. Imagining myself sitting in the middle of a field sound so peaceful and relaxing! For me, I like going to our rooftop and laying a matress there where I can lay around looking at he sky and mountains. You can hear the roosters and birds calling out to each other and different colored kites in the sky 💕

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  7. I wish I had more nature places accessible to me. It’s wonderful to just sit and think. Some of the best insights come from those moments. But the world preaches that being busy and doing more is what gives your life meaning. You don’t always have to do something and be known for it. That’s what I’m trying to tell myself too.
    Thanks for your thoughts and for sharing them!!

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