The Lowdown on Lockdown (a little late)

This is one of those posts that’s been sitting in my drafts folder for yonks! I originally planned to give people ideas of things to do when stuck at home but clearly it’s a bit late for that now that most of the world is well on the way back to normality (of sorts) 😂 or the ‘new normal’ as we seem to be calling it. Instead I’m going to tell you some of the stuff I’ve been up to over the last few months to keep myself entertained while we were ‘robbed of our freedom’ due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As much as anything this will be a wee reminder to me sometime in the future when this has (hopefully) all blown over of what it was like.

I’ll start with the most obvious ones. Like everyone else on the planet I’ve entertained myself with movies, TV shows and books. There are far too many to mention here so I’ll just mention a couple that I enjoyed. The movie Knives Out was pretty good, we had a laugh watching Blended and of course I watched Frozen 2 (despite having no children in the house). In TV shows I’ve been watching The Sinner and The Chosen – kind of opposites really. My go to show when I’m ironing is The A Word, although ironing seemed pretty unnecessary for a while. We’re also watching Hanna which is pretty good so far. I’ve read and am still reading loads of books. I never only have one on the go – right now I have 5 that I’m dipping in and out of. One of my favourite books recently has been ‘Untamed’ by Glennon Doyle. I’m getting so much out of her story.

Like lots of families we got some jigsaw puzzles out although it became trickier to get hold of them during lockdown. I actually ended up buying a brand new, full price Moomins (if you’re not familiar with the Moomins you’ll find them on YouTube – I loved watching them as a child) one online 😝! Usually I buy them from the charity shop and do them once before taking them back there. We also discovered online crosswords and quizzes as well as playing regular board games and card games. For a while we got into playing online games with friends and family on Zoom too. I wonder how many people wish they’d bought shares in Zoom a few months back?

The Moomins Jigsaw Puzzle

I’ve gone through phases with exercise over lockdown. We had great weather in the spring so I did lots of long walks in the countryside (partly because it was one of the few reasons we were allowed to be outside of our houses). As a family we did circuits in the back garden 5 mornings a week for 3 weeks before giving that up. I’ve kept up with my exercise classes on Zoom as much as possible and done a few home workouts as well as a few of Joe Wicks PE sessions. I’ve even started running with the Couch to 5K app – I’m partly telling you this to try to make myself keep it up. I’ve always wanted to be able to run but since becoming a mum I was worried that my bladder wouldn’t allow it 😆 (TMI? Sorry!) Anyway I downloaded the app and decided to give it a go. It’s going okay so far (I’m on Week 6 now) and it would be cool if I could get the bug (the running one – not the Coronavirus). On the down side I’ve eaten and drank way too much over the last few months so the exercise has probably only served to prevent a bad situation from getting totally out of hand. Some serious sensible eating needs to start soon!

While everyone was working from home, home started to feel like it wasn’t working for us. There weren’t enough spaces for everyone to work in peace and I was trying to work from bed (sometimes on it and sometimes in it 😝). After a couple of months of that it got too much so we did some rearranging and I’ve painted what was the dining room and built some flat packed furniture to create new multi-use spaces in the house. What used to be the guest bedroom has now become my little office/study and I’m loving having a space set up with everything I need for work or study to hand.

Since I like to keep myself busy and enjoy self-development I took on a couple of online courses; another new one with church and a Counselling Skills Certificate. The church one is finished now and the counselling one finishes today. As a result of doing that I’m now going on to do a counselling diploma starting next month. That clearly wasn’t enough new learning though so I also started learning my native language (Scottish Gaelic) on the Duolingo app. I’m making slow progress with that but it’s fun to learn and I can now recognise and actually understand some of the words that I’ve seen around (house names and such like) since I was a child. I’ve grown a few things too – some flowers that I was given and planted out in pots. I grew an avocado plant from a stone and tried growing carrot tops too for a while. I’ve not always been the best at looking after plants but so far the avocado tree is surviving.

What else changed over lockdown? My daughter and I did quite a few home beauty treatments and she even dyed my hair for me before the hairdressers went back to work. All church services have been on Facebook live or on Zoom. There have been no music gigs in months, no visits to the cinema or places of interest (indoors). No meals/drinks out until very recently. This weird situation where (even now) hugging friends when you see them is no longer something you take for granted. Of course it goes without saying that it is now totally normal to see people wearing face masks every time you’re out and about (making face masks was another project I tried my hand at). I’m sure I’ve missed out loads of things that have happened but at least now I’ll have something to remind me of this weird time. It would be nice if it was all in the past now but I guess there may be more posts to come that have some reference to Covid-19 since it looks like it could be around for a while. I’m just glad that now at least we can see friends and family in person – I think that’s what I missed most during lockdown.

What did you miss most during lockdown? What have you done to keep yourself occupied over the last few months?


11 thoughts on “The Lowdown on Lockdown (a little late)

  1. Like many, I turned to the internet for entertainment in the beginning, but I finally decided that I was doing it out of boredom and not enjoyment, so I’ve cut way back. I’m voraciously reading now – a hobby I always enjoyed but seemed to have left fall by the way – and I’m seeing a real dent in my “to be read” pile, which feels like an accomplishment! I only watch about 2 hours max a WEEK on TV, much if it local news or reruns on TLC or HGTV. I’ve watched some things on Amazon Prime as well. I never liked shopping, except for at the grocery store, but even that doesn’t hold much appeal to me these days – I’m more “in and out” with a list instead of perusing every aisle. It’s been too hot and humid here to be outside much, but I did managed to give a thorough cleaning to my car’s interior (took me several days because it was so hot), so that’s another accomplishment.

    I’m pretty much a loner and I’m lucky that my bestie lives only a mile away, so I’ve gotten to see her now and again for quick visits.

    I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of a dislocated shoulder back in April, so I haven’t done much; slept more but not with better quality of sleep than usual, which is poor; got creative with quick meals because I have no air-conditioning in my kitchen; finally back on schedule for haircuts and nail appointments; wiled away the rest of the days….

    Mostly, I’ve tried to avoid as much news about the pandemic and the political turmoil as necessary to try and avoid sinking from the apathy I feel now into a full depressive episode.

    So far, so good…

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  2. I missed the ending of ski season and seeing my friends.

    We passed the time initially doing lots of puzzles, watching Nexflix, and making Zoom and FaceTime calls with friends.

    As the weather got better, we did a lot of yard work and began bike riding. Overall, we weathered some rough patches but I look back on the time fondly with my family.

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    1. Wow! Skiing is one thing I’ve not been brave enough to try – yet. I’m sorry you missed the end of the season.

      Not seeing friends is tough but I’m glad that you have fond memories of the family time. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.

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