Wednesday’s Wisdom

I saw this quote online the other day and to be honest I had to Google ‘Will Rogers’ to find out who he was. For anyone else who doesn’t know apparently he was an American actor, newspaper columnist and social commentator who lived from 1879 – 1935.

I mulled over this quote for a little bit and decided that he makes a very good point. Sometimes I think I worry about being on the right track and headed in the right direction but that’s actually only half the battle. If you’re on the right track but you’re stuck in the same place and not moving forward then are you really in a better position? You’re not going to make any progress on your journey. If you’re on the wrong track but moving forward you can at least change tracks at a junction. It’s a bit of a random thought maybe but it got the cogs turning in my mind.

What do you think? Is it more important to be on the right track or to be moving forward? Does this apply in every situation? How does it play out in real life? Got any good examples?

I’m always reading something or other. Books, social media feeds, study notes, blogs and more. Recently I’ve become even more aware of how much wisdom I come across in what I read so I decided to share some of it with you. I’m honestly not sure how consistent I will manage to be with this or how long I’ll keep it up but I’m going to try. It’s all part of the growing I need to do.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wisdom

  1. Oooh….good one….I think keep moving because you never really know what the “right” track is. Just because you fail doesn’t mean it was the wrong path, just not the best way to accomplish something

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  2. I guess the world is always moving, so sometimes the challenge is how to stay on a right track as everything shifts around us to the point where light is dark and sweet is sour and good is bad and right is wrong. The challenges that the world around us throws up mean that we regularly have to check whether we are still on the right route.

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  3. This quote hits close to home. I’ve also been having a crisis about being stuck lately and being indecisive about what the right track is but then again, what is the “right track” anyway? The only way we’ll know is if we keep moving forward isn’t it? Anyway, this was a good food for thought. 🙂

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