Wednesday’s Wisdom

Wisdom from my Instagram feed

This popped up on my Instagram feed recently and I really love it. I definitely have a tendency to ‘shrink’ myself or take a back seat or ignore my own feelings and desires in order to meet the needs of others. It’s a difficult one in some ways because I was brought up to think of others before myself and I still think there’s a lot to be said for that too. I guess there needs to be a balance though because constantly being ‘selfless’ actually causes resentment to build up when others don’t reciprocate.

What do you think of this quote? How do you find a healthy balance between allowing yourself to live fully and ‘bloom wildly without regret’ and considering others? I’m sure these are not mutually exclusive but there are definitely times when it’s a choice between the two in my opinion.

I’m always reading something or other. Books, social media feeds, study notes, blogs and more. Recently I’ve become even more aware of how much wisdom I come across in what I read so I decided to share some of it with you. I’m honestly not sure how consistent I will manage to be with this or how long I’ll keep it up but I’m going to try. It’s all part of the growing I need to do.


8 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wisdom

  1. Guilty! And I’m beginning to think that finding a ‘balance’ is a life-long journey. Steps forward are work, while steps backwards are an easy habit. But I’m going to continue on the journey, and I hope you do, too!

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  2. Oooh…I was thinking along these lines today when I was blogging. It’s really hard now because people are supposed to disagree with one another. I’m having a hard time talking to people because if I state my opinion on certain things, others assume you’re dumb. It’s getting harder to be ones true self without ridicule, even though this is supposed to be an era where we are embracing the individual

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  3. For many years I allowed myself to shrink. When one does this, that person gives away real estate in their life to someone else. If one is shrinking from another, then that person probably doesn’t deserve that real estate. Always stand up and be seen. Love this quote. It’s a keeper.

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