Taking a break.

I thought about doing this a few months back but I didn’t end up going through with it. I’ve decided to take a little break from WordPress (among other things) – I’m not sure how long for. I’m feeling the need to simplify my life for a while. I’ve got quite a bit going on between work and studying and life in general. I’ll miss this wee community and reading all your blogs but hopefully it will clear a space in my head for other things. Take care of yourselves blogging friends. I wish you all well. 😊💗


12 thoughts on “Taking a break.

  1. I have been feeling bad because I have so little time these days. My long days at work leave me with little energy when I reach home. I do try to do some reading each evening and catch up with as many posts as I can on Sundays.
    I have neglected comments on my blog from other bloggers because there are so many! Which is of course a lovely problem to have!
    I am going to have to use some of my annual leave before the end of March or risk losing it completely. So I hope to have a little extra time (as I can’t go anywhere) to enjoy catching up.

    But one thing I realized very early on with blogging – it’s supposed to be fun – never let it become a stress – otherwise your enjoyment factor shrivels up. It’s a fun hobby. so keep it in it’s place. It should be refreshing, not burdensome.

    Taking a break is often what makes the difference!

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  2. You need to be either bull-headed like a ram or have a competitive impulse like a raging bull in a rodeo to win at the game of blogging. Butt heads or heft your handquarters violently … and make a braying kind of noise as you do either one. The noise is the words you produce. The rest is the effort the world sees, pictures and all.

    — Catxman



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