Nighttime Brain Dump

I haven’t done this in a while but I’m awake in the night – up drinking camomile tea in the hope that I can get myself tired enough to get back to sleep. I was planning on reading but now I’m debating writing a blog post. Correction – I’m debating posting this writing.

There are several things going through my mind that are possibly contributing to my being awake at such an ‘ungodly hour’. Ha! Where does that expression even come from? Surely there are no ungodly hours?

Anyway I’m thinking about funerals, suicide, death, judgement and acceptance, happiness, love, divorce, marriage, addiction and illness among other things. Is it any wonder I can’t sleep?

I’m not going to start writing about why I’m thinking about all of this right now. I would literally be here all night. Thing is I’m not just thinking it – I’m feeling it too. anyone else like that?

I’m going to keep this brief and actually try to sleep again since I have college in the morning. Maybe I’ll stick my headphones in and put on a meditation? I have a couple of favourites that sometimes do the trick.

Goodnight my friends. Sleep well. 😊


11 thoughts on “Nighttime Brain Dump

  1. I completely understand both thinking and feeling simultaneously! I applaud you for choosing to lighten the load by “dumping” some of the weight on your shoulders here so we can share the weight you carry. I hope your night allowed you to return to sleep!

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