Life Update

So I haven’t updated you on life since getting back from Tenerife.  We were very quickly back into the routine as I had work the day after we got home.  As soon as I’m back at work it pretty much feels like I was never away – I imagine most jobs are the same?  As well as work and running three classes last week I also did some babysitting for a couple of different friends.  I met up with my previous pastor’s wife and with a woman who wanted to find out more about the business I run.  We went to a worship night at a friend’s house, I got my hair done and I went to see my counsellor.  I had a new experience last Saturday too.  I joined a march organised by the teachers’ unions in Scotland.  I’m not particularly political and I’ve never done any sort of demonstrations before but it seemed right to take a stand on this and of course we arranged to go for a few gins after the event 😉.  It was a great atmosphere as there were somewhere between twenty and thirty thousand people there (depending which report you read).  We went to see a couple of friends in their AmDram production of The Sound of Music – there were some pretty talented people in the cast and we reckon that one of our friends really suits being a nun! 😂  I also finally got round to picking up our finished pots from the Craft Pottery – here are some pics for those of you who are following that experience.  Now we just have to decide what to do with the finished products.  Our options so far are: have some fun smashing them up, stick them directly in the bin or give them to some of our poor unsuspecting friends and family for Christmas 😂 – they might never forgive us!  Cast your votes or make a suggestion in the comments 😝.

img_5940  img_5939

This past week was much the same as the last with work, classes, counsellor and babysitting.  We also went to visit a friend in hospital and went to the cinema to see A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.  I really enjoyed the movie and the music was great although my hubby thought the storyline was a bit slow moving.  Last night I had a work night out for my boss leaving – it was a bit of a strange one as most people are not that upset that she’s gone.  There was a good turn out though so there were plenty of people to talk to.  I had planned to leave early and go on to another friend’s house for drinks but I ended up spending half the night waiting for friends who said they were just leaving and didn’t even order another drink because of that!! What a disaster! 😆

In between all the ‘calendar events’ and the more mundane aspects of living (like housework) I’ve watched some TV shows, read some books, listened to some music and played some guitar.  Here are some of the details of what I’ve watched, read and listened to recently if you’re interested:

TV Shows I’ve Enjoyed
Killing Eve
The Cry
The Great British Bake Off
The Good Place (new episodes still to come)
Suits (went back to this after a break to finish it off – still got a few to watch)

Books I’ve Read
I already told you about Abba’s Child by Brennan Manning
When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson (still working through the devotional at the back of this one – it’s really challenging)
Anatomy of an Affair by Dave Carder (if you’re married or thinking about getting married this is an interesting read)
Life with No Breaks by Nick Spalding (this one’s just for a laugh and I’m not finished it yet – don’t read it if you’re easily offended though)

Some of the Songs I Like Right Now
Overcomer by Mandisa
Write your Story by Francesca Battistelli
Bulletproof by Citizen Way
Prodical by Sidewalk Prophets
Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (from the movie)
Lost Without You by Freya Ridings (love her voice)
Promises by Calvin Harris & Sam Smith
All I Am by Jess Glynne

Songs I’m Learning to Play
Do It Again by Elevation Worship
Abba (Arms of a Father) by Jonathan David Helser
Thy Will by Hilary Scott and the Scott Family
Who Can Compare to You by Matt Stinton (Bethel)
Your Love Defends Me by Matt Maher

So that’s about it for now.  Have a great weekend and I’ll write again soon. x

I have the best friends

So earlier I shared a little about the emotions of this week but I want to tell you about the highlights too.  The first really nice thing was that I had a whole week off work. 😊  On Monday I finally finished watching the Nashville TV series with my lovely friend (we also got our tickets through to see Charles Esten in January 👏🏼). I’ve totally loved that series. I won’t say anything about what I think of the ending though in case anyone is still catching up. Spoilers are so annoying 😉.

For those of you that enjoyed my post on The Potter’s Wheel we went back on Tuesday to paint the funny little pots we made – although we wished that we had known in advance that you were allowed to BYOB 😄.  Again it was quite theraputic.  Took a lot longer than I thought to paint them.  I’ll post a wee pic – aparently they will come out a lot darker when they are glazed and fired.

Another highlight was going to see ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ at the cinema with my gorgeous daughter. It was quite a funny movie but I still felt a bit emotional after it.  Movies always seem to bring something up that touches on a sore spot 😢. There were lots of scenes shot in Singapore which reminded me of the wee video and photos that my son sent from there on his way to Australia recently.

On Wednesday I caught up with a great friend for lunch in the village.  Her little girl was with her who has the most adorable blue eyes – she’s really sweet.  On Friday I had a walk, chat and an Autumn picnic with another really fantastic friend and then went for drinks in the evening with another one.

Today I went charity shop shopping and for lunch and drinks in my fav wee wine shop and my favourite cocktail bar with the same lovely friend I was hanging out with on Monday.  I’m so blessed with my friends. I have several really awesome ones that have my back whatever and I really love hanging out with.  I don’t think I’d have got through this last few months without my friends.  (I know some of you guys are reading this. So appreciate and love you. ❤️)

Right now I’m home alone watching trashy Saturday night TV but that’s okay.  I can cope with being alone for a little while as long as I’m talking to you guys 😝.  For an extrovert I’m fairly quiet and some people are surprised that I’m an extrovert at all.  This week I’ve spent more time alone than usual and really noticed how that affects me.  I don’t cope well with being alone for too long.  It’s really made me appreciate my friends even more.  I’m so glad that I’ve got them. I have the best friends 😊.

The Potter’s Wheel

So today I tried something new – pottery throwing. No, that doesn’t mean chucking pottery around the room – although that has the potential to be fun too 😝🤪. Apparently it’s what you call making the pots on the wheel. So now you’re expecting me to write a cheesy post about God being the potter etc right? Lol – nope! I don’t have any inspirational insights today.

I guess I just noticed that doing something new can really lift my mood. Maybe it’s the risk involved in trying something that you don’t know if you can do? Maybe it’s the element of surprise because you’re not completely sure what is going to happen? Maybe it’s the challenge of stretching yourself? Whatever it is I recommend it. It does make you feel better – at least for a little while.

If anyone has any ideas of something else I could try I’d love to hear them – especially ideas that don’t cost too much (since we only have one part time wage coming in right now.) And if you’ve never tried throwing pots and you get the chance, go for it. It’s quite good fun. 😊