The best and worst of my job so far

I have to say that becoming self employed has been a really good move for me. I was nervous about it at first because I knew there were no guarantees that it would work out. I mean my business is not exactly thriving yet but I feel good about how it’s going.

I work with several children who are really struggling. They so need love and security and connection in their lives and it feels great to be able to give them that. One little boy told me recently that I was his safe place. That just melts my heart. I love being able to make a difference to these little ones.

It’s tough sometimes when I’m alone in the house catching up on admin stuff. I’m not great at being alone. Sometimes I can just stick my music on and I’m fine but other times I struggle emotionally when I don’t have people to distract me. My boss is pretty understanding though 😉 so that’s another positive. She totally gets the importance of self-care. 😊

It’s really cool being able to mix work up with the rest of life too. I like that I can go to an exercise class or for a swim in the morning when I don’t have work scheduled or read a chapter of a book or watch some TV in my lunch break. It’s good to be able to put a washing in the machine between emails and catch up with friends between classes. It also means I can fit in brief trips to the supermarket like the one I made yesterday to return the stickers I accidentally stole last week. (If you haven’t heard that story read my post Mini Moral Dilemas.)

Money has the potential to be a hassle. I’m not worried as such (I guess I’ve learned not to worry about money – that’s another story) but I’m not making (anything like) as much as I did in teaching. Hopefully the gap will close a bit in time. I really dislike doing all the money stuff – doing my accounts and thinking about pensions and tax stuff. I also dislike chasing people up when they say they’re interested and then don’t get back to you again or when they haven’t paid since May and it’s now October.

Last minute cancellations is kinda a negative (at least work wise) but I just turned one that came in today into a positive by arranging a wee night out with a friend to see my niece’s band play tomorrow night. It’s nice to be able to be that flexible.

On the whole I’m enjoying being self employed right now. There are probably lots of good business ideas I could employ to make the business more successful but I’m also aware that I need to look after my health and not get too stressed about it. One day at a time. It’s getting there. 😊


7 thoughts on “The best and worst of my job so far

  1. Ahhhh! You returned the stickers! Ha! Did they look at you strangely?

    Wondering if we happen to be in the same line of work? I too, am self-employed and work as a Behavior Technician, fancy title for what I really do. I work with kids diagnosed with autism in their homes, teaching them social skills, behavior regulation tools, etc.

    Regardless, it sounds like what you’re doing fulfills you and offers you flexibility—the best of both worlds. I’m happy it’s working out for you and wish you continued success, my friend.


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    1. Thanks so much for your lovely words Karyn. We’re not quite in the same line of work I don’t think but it sounds very similar. I teach children (often with a diagnosis – autism, ADHD etc) strategies for self-regulation and relaxation and how to cope with anxiety and trauma. We should swap ideas. 😊

      When I returned the stickers the guy in the shop offered me a refund at first 😂. I had to explain it a couple of times. He didn’t say much apart from thanking me but he did look pleased and maybe a little surprised. 😊

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my posts. I really appreciate it. All the best with your work. X

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      1. Not to get off topic of your post, but it does sound like our work overlaps. Are you familiar with Michelle Garcia Winner? She has written many books, teaches classes, seminars, etc on behavior regulation, modifications, etc for children with autism. She’s one of my favorite resources!

        Just thought I’d pass that along. Always love collaborating and sharing with colleagues! 🙂

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