Sunshine after the rain 🌤

It’s been a reasonably productive day so far – at least as productive as they get these days 😝. I won’t bore you with details of laundry and food shopping but after a pretty busy morning and early afternoon I was treating myself to a little time out to read my book.

I was initially settled down comfortably in the living room but then my son came home with a friend and they wanted to play the PlayStation so I took myself off to my room for peace. Anyway, I was just lying reading when my flow was interrupted by a ray of sunlight coming in the window. Now remember I live in Scotland – and it’s February. Not to mention the fact that it’s been peeing down most of the day.

The sunshine after the rain – taken from my bedroom window.

That ray of sunshine lit up my room, and my heart in a way, and reminded me that the rainy seasons do come to an end. Things don’t stay the same for ever. If you’re struggling today this is for you – it will get better. It always does – eventually. 🤗

12 thoughts on “Sunshine after the rain 🌤

  1. Oh God! I loved this song (Berri – The Sunshine After The Rain) so much that I heard it on repeat and blogged it on my own site as well. And I am your blog’s new follower as well 🙂 🌹

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